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Here at Twin Towers Music Publications, we are proud to be at the forefront of today's music distribution technology! For your convenience, all of the titles in our catalog are now available as Downloadable PDFs. Downloadable sheet music comes with a lot of perks: print as many parts as you need (as per the user agreement), free conductor's scores for festival competition, free shipping (obviously!), near instant access (usually within 24-48 hours), digital storage (download PDFs to your computer and store how you see fit.)

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How To Place An Order

How To Order  |  Credit/Debit Card  |  Purchase Order  |  Check / Money Order

( How to Access Your Downloadable Sheet Music )

How To Order Via Online Ordering System: (Other Ordering Methods)
Credit/Debit, Purchase Order, or Check/Money Order

1. Browse or Search for the title you wish to purchase.

2. Select the format you wish to purchase: Full Print Chart, Conductor's Score Only,   
    Individual Instrument Part, CD Rom, or Downloadable Sheet Music.  If you select "Part"
    you will also need to specify the instrument.
    (Also Available:  Ultimate Custom Collection CD Roms and Downloadable Collections)

3. Click "Click Here To Add To Cart"
4. Login to your account.  If you do not yet have an account, follow the prompts to register
    an account now.  (It is safe and secure.  All information provided will be protected and
    will not be shared with any outside entity.)
5. If you selected "Downloadable Sheet Music" Enter the school district's name so that a
    permission letter can be produced allowing your school to use printed conductor scores
    for competition.

6. Continue to follow the prompts as specified.  You will have an opportunity to select one
    of the following payment methods:

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Order Online with Credit/Debit Card or Bank Balance Transfer
Safely and Securely Via PayPal - No PayPal Account Necessary

When you are ready to check out, simply select "Credit" as your payment method and follow the prompts provided.  Your credit information will not be shared with us or with any entity other than PayPal.

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Official School or Business Purchase Order

In order for you, your school, or your business to be able to use purchase order numbers when ordering online your business must be preapproved.  To become preapproved your business must have placed an order, provided an authorized purchase order via fax, mail, or as an attachment to an email, and your account must have been successfully paid in full. 


  • Email To:  sales@twintowersmusic.com  (Microsoft Word, PDF, or JPEG Files)
  • Mail To: Twin Towers Music Publications ~ PO Box 281 ~ Booneville, AR  72927


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This website is new and all of the accounts may not have been transferred over from the old site.  Therefore, if you believe your school or business was already listed as approved, please contact customer service and we will be sure to move your school/business account over to the new site immediately so that you can continue to place orders online with P.O. numbers.

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Business or Personal Check / Money Order

Print your invoice and mail it with your payment to:

PO Box 281 ~ Booneville, AR  72927

Your order will be processed once your payment is received.  (Personal checks may take up to 14 days to process.)

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How To Access Your Downloadable Sheet Music

Once your order has been paid for (or an official purchase order has been received) you will be able to access your downloadable sheet music from your Account page.


(NOTE: If you submitted a P.O., your order may take 12-48 hours to appear in your account.  If you paid via Credit / Debit / Bank Transfer, your order may appear immediately or it may take up to 12-48 hours to appear in your account.)


1. Click on "Your Account" within the left column of any Twin Towers Music Site page.





2. Enter your email address and password.


3. Click "Downloads".



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