Eggs St. Jack by Brian Rhodes

Grade Level - 3



"Eggs St. Jack" is a really fun, New Orleans street beat tune. The basic form is blues, but the chord progression is a little off. The solo section is listed as open, with changes in the Alto1, Tenor1, Trumpet 1 and Trombone 1 part. Backgrounds during the solo section are optional, but kind of fun. The trap set player should pay particular attention to m. 123, which is a two measure fill that sets up the double time section at m.125. This tune is great fun and should be a crowd pleaser for any audience.

Instrumentation: 5,4,4,4
Range: (C1=Middle C)  
Trpt. C3, Tbn. Ab 1

Piano: RH - Voicings, LH - Chord Chart
Bass: Written out with chord changes provided.
Style: New Orleans Street Beat

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Performed by the Texarkana Jazz Orchestra - Dick Eckstein, Conductor    Details

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